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As the retirement plan marketplace has matured, it has become more complex and difficult to navigate and as a result, hiring a focused retirement plan advisory firm is more important than ever. Finding a qualified firm that can handle the core services needed to help you successfully run your plan can be a challenge.

We not only have the knowledge, experience, and capacity to deliver your core plan services on a high level, but we also go many steps beyond with additional value-added services that set us apart from our competition.

Some of these value-added services include:

American households struggle greatly with basic personal finance; as a result, 70% of us live paycheck to paycheck*. This is hurting your employees’ ability to save for retirement and ultimately, it may be hurting your business.

Financially stressed-out workers aren’t good for businesses. Employees who bring their money worries to work tend to be less productive and less engaged and even raise employer health care costs.

With our Financial Wellness Solutions, your employees will learn to proactively control their money and will have the resources to tackle their financial challenges head-on. Best of all, you will get real metrics to gauge the improvement in your employees’ financial state of affairs and track them as they move towards a greater state of personal financial wellness.

*Source: Smart Dollar

Collective Investment Trusts (CITs) are growing in popularity in retirement plans, and they could be a solid low-cost option for investing your nest egg. Pooled investment vehicles organized as trusts, CITs, may take advantage of economies of scale to offer lower overall expenses, enhanced risk management, and more diverse and innovative investment opportunities for investors.

In our experience, the real advantage of CITs is in lowering costs for plan participants.  By leveraging the size of the assets invested in a specific fund the fees for the investment fund options can be lowered relative to the cost of the retail, and even institutional, fund offerings.

Another key benefit of CITs is that they can be tailored to suit the demographics of an employer’s workforce. We work to bring CITs to clients that can benefit from the structure of these investment vehicles.


Employee benefits do not exist in a vacuum; each benefit you provide your employees impacts the organization holistically. The financial well-being of each employee drives personal health, personal health drives health benefits costs, health benefits costs impact the resources for other benefits programs, and so on.

With our strategic partnership with Exude Inc., our team includes individual experts in all benefits fields. However, the power for our clients isn’t in our great individual expertise; the greater impact comes when we work together as one. We provide strategic solutions that help you retain top talent, manage costs, and mitigate expensive risks, all while understanding and keeping your business goals in mind.

We come together as a team to help our clients work toward greater organizational health in just about every aspect of their business. We don’t just offer better benefit packages, but we also explore how financial risks can be mitigated, how the best talent can be recruited, where a company’s culture can be strengthened, and how more resources can go toward fulfilling a client’s goals.

We create customized employee engagement videos to more effectively communicate with your plan participants. These can help boost employee education and response rates for benefits enrollment.

Your animated video is produced to reflect your organization’s style, branding, and custom message. It is another tool to help you make your plan a success and drive retirement readiness, and we’ll deliver it as part of our plan services.

Since our founding in 1984, we have acted in a fiduciary capacity for our clients. Industry regulations may be changing to update how other firms are required to handle their client assets and what should be “sold,” but we don’t sell, we advise, and we don’t need regulations to know how to treat our clients. We have acted in the best interest of clients since day one, because that is the right way to do business.

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