Wealth Management

Wealth Preservation & Management

FRS Advisors offers comprehensive investment management services to individuals and families. Through detailed and sophisticated financial planning, our private wealth management services offer a high degree of customized wealth management solutions.

We will help you build and preserve your personal wealth through the following services:  

  • Customized Financial Plan Development
  • Qualified and Non-Tax Qualified Investment Management
  • Custom Asset Allocation Model Creation
  • Integration of Philanthropic and Investment Goals
  • Coordinated Tax Planning
  • Ongoing Fiduciary Advisory Services
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Wealth Transfer Planning

We provide professional, objective advice to our clients in all aspects of their financial lives through our highly customized Private Wealth Solutions.

Wealth Accumulation and Preservation

FRS Advisors offers individuals and families comprehensive financial, retirement, and estate planning services to build and preserve wealth.

Financial Planning

Preservation of income during life emergencies or premature death; accumulation of capital for life events (college tuition, home purchase, squeeze generation issues).

Retirement Planning

Accumulation of capital on a tax-preferential basis to provide a retirement income that allows individuals to maintain their pre-retirement lifestyle.

Estate Planning

The preservation of assets as they pass to the next generation.

Planning process steps

  • Establish realistic goals.
  • Determine discretionary income that can be used towards these goals.
  • Develop a plan for discretionary income, which could include:
    • Initial home purchase
    • College education funding.
    • Personal insurance programs (life, disability)
    • Retirement funding
    • Charitable interests
    • Special needs planning
  • Develop an investment profile and risk analysis.
  • Implement the investment and insurance program.
  • Develop an asset allocation model.
  • Coordinate tax-qualified and non-tax-qualified investment programs.
  • Be comfortable with your personal insurance coverage.
  • Coordinate investments and tax planning.
  • Identify important legal documents to be crafted (wills, POAs, health care directives).
  • Determine if trusts are needed to meet any of the goals.
  • Develop a wealth preservation program for legacy planning by considering:
    • Proper ownership of assets
    • Insurance programs to protect or replace wealth
    • Gifting programs
    • Trusts for specific intentions or to preserve government entitlements
    • Proper beneficiary designations
  • Evaluate the plan periodically and amend as life situations and tax laws change.

We provide objective advice on the planning matters and coordinate our work with your other professional advisors, accountant, and attorney.

No two clients are the same, and our work is customized to your particular situation. Therefore, no two financial, retirement, or estate plans are the same.

FRS Advisors does not provide tax or legal advice.